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Welcome to the newest Halo 2 Tips & Cheats Forum. The forum has taken on now three different images, starting out as a simple Google Group it then took the form of a Runboard Forum i have now learnt HTML and this is what i hope will be the final website for the Halo 2 Tips & Cheats Community!

The forums wont work properly without members so please join up and add any tips that uou have, or just have a chat with other members.

The forum now has 14 very active members and with over 300 posts think what we could have with even more members.

We have recently added the anti cheating forum, so if you just got cheated out of a game then please visit the forum, sign up and post about the offenders in the 'Cheaters Re-united' forum, that way everyone on the site will also complain about the offenders giving you power behind your post, sort of like a Halo 2 Gamers union against cheaters.

There are still plenty of staff positions to be taken on the forum so if you sign up fast you could have a staff job on the growing H2TAC forum, the jobs available are, 2 Graphics Team members, 2 Advertising Team Members, and several moderaters are needed. Apply now to get a position before they are all gone.




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